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Liquid Group Sales & Service

The Liquid Group of Companies' mission is to provide Bermuda with innovative plumbing, water treatment and beverage products & services that are backed by qualified maintenance and repair.

Walk on Water Sales and Service

Our ability to deliver our trademark "Walk on Water" service begins by choosing products that can weather Bermuda's demanding environment: products like ClearWater Systems' ClearRO4 — affordable under counter water treatment system, like CoffeeWorks Bermuda's Keurig K-cup brewers and revolutionary constant water pressure pumps from Sargasso Supplies.

Our premise is that four like-minded companies that compliment one another providing excellent products and services that work well together, can make your life easier and our work day more enjoyable.

IslandWide Plumbing Van

We promise to help you make the best choices to protect your health and ensure your family's safety by providing you with current and accurate information and a comprehensive range of services and products that we have tested ourselves to determine their compatibility and effectiveness.

We promise:

We realize that meeting our customers' needs and providing a fair return to our shareholders depends on the knowledge, imagination, experience and teamwork of our staff and we hold those qualities in high regard. Our sales and service team is enthusiastic, service-oriented, responsive, knowledgeable and dedicated to a "Walk on Water" customer service attitude.